OSM Rivers QA

What does it do ?

This simple tool checks that rivers flow the "right way". That is, a river can't flow from a low elevation point to a higher elevation one (simple laws of physics ;-) ).

The results here are not 100% perfect: some errors in the Digital Elevation Model used (ASTER) may tag the river as backwards whereas it is not; these errors represent <1% of the results.

A simple way to check that the river is in the correct way is to see the surroundings. In general the river will flow towards a bigger river or the sea.

You can click on JOSM to load the way into JOSM (needs the prefs->remote to be enabled). The OSM link shows the way into OpenStreetMap

If questions: osm_rivers@vi-di.fr
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Last update: Sat 3 Jun 15:20:39 UTC 2017